is a software system providing a Windows kernel driver following the Microsoft's Windows Driver Model (WDM) to access pin by pin to the parallel port hardware of a personal computer.

Client applications written in C or C++ do not use the driver directly (via "DeviceIoControl( )" from Windows application programming interface "API"), but use a Windows dynamic link library ("ParaPort.Dll") to communicate with this driver. The Dll is accessed from the applications via the API of .


Supported Platforms

has been developed and tested on Windows 2000.

It has been validated "OK" on Windows 98 SE and Windows XP.

Since follows Microsoft's Windows Driver Model, it should also work on Windows ME.

can not be used on Windows NT4 as it does not support WDM.

has not been tried on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 nor Windows 10.


To use in C/C++ applications, the following steps must be done:

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