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After a long time of waiting, after many requests and many demands, I publish in the Download Area the first beta release for validation purpose only.

You can get a view to the next generation of ParaPort. At the moment, ParaPort v2.0 is not yet stable. So I added a time limit in the software to limit the distribution of this release. You may install the software on your system to help me to debug / test / validate the software. As soon as the software is fully validated, the official release will be published.

Please have a look to the known issues of the current release.

Request for Help: If you want to help me, please find a list what to do.

ParaPort is a software system for Microsoft Windows to access pin by pin the PC's parallel port hardware ( LPT1, LPT2, etc. ).

It consists of

  • a Windows kernel driver "ParaPort.sys" following Microsoft's Windows Driver Model (WDM) ( to be installed on Windows 2000, Windows XP ) to access the hardware of the parallel port,
  • a Windows dynamic link library "ParaPort.dll" to access the driver ( Windows 2000, WindowsXP ) or directly the parallel port hardware ( Windows 9x ) from C or C++ applications and
  • an utility "ParaPortUtility.exe" to test the driver and to set or clear single pins on the parallel port connector.

For more information, please have a look to the documentation page.

The software can be downloaded for free personal usage under the condition, that you read, accept and respect the Terms of Use. For more information, have a look to the Licenses.

If you like this site or if you think this site has an interest for the Internet community, make a link on this site or reference it in any search engine you know.

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